We are so incredibly excited to officially announce the Vox Pop Foundation. Since the very beginning Vox Pop has been about providing a space for people to create, have fun, and more than anything it’s been about finding ways to give back. It’s been a huge learning experience, and it’s come with its fair share of hurdles. Call us overly ambitious but the second we started seeing ourselves stabilize we asked ourselves what else can we do? That’s when the foundation came to be. Our goal is to provide support to artists in the form of micro grants, so that they can support themselves. How do we raise the money? Percentages of proceeds from Vox Pop and the nights where the VPF hosts concession goes back into the foundation. What should you keep your eyes out for? Every time we reach a goal between $500 & $1,000 we will release information regarding the grants application process, and timeline. We anticipate our first grant being ready in January!

With love, Mariah Looney & Aly Montez