How much does it cost to rent the space?

Hourly rental is $75/hour inclusive of set up and break down
Non-profit rental is $50/hour inclusive of set up and break down
For shows we work with two types of splits, or a flat fee if the show is free

Do you provide bar?

Yes. We can provide a full bar for 21+ at request. It is all done in-house with no exceptions.

Do you provide security?

At events that require security (case-by-case basis), we can provide security at additional cost.


Do you provide sound?

That area is closed off to the public.

Can I use the upstairs mezzanine area?

Outside alcohol and food is prohibited. Complimentary food for guests provided by host is allowed, but no food sales are allowed.

Can I bring in alcohol or food?

Weekdays 10pm, weekends 12am.

How late can my event last?

We provide complimentary water to each band member during their set. Outside of that, everything must be bought.

I’m in a band, do I get free water & snacks?

Yes, but the number of people is limited and is on a case-by-case basis. The final guest list must be turned into Vox Pop one business day before the event.

Can I make a guest list?

Regardless of if you are a band or promoter, all sales, have to be done through the official Vox Pop box office. We do not allow hand presales.

I want to have presales, how do I go about that?

Yes, while contracts are usually handled by promoters and agents, local acts without representation are still required to acknowledge and sign a basic agreement.

Do I have to sign a contract, if I’m just in a band?

No, absolutely everything brought into the space must be taken out the night of, no exceptions.

I am bringing in equipment, can I pick it up the next day?

While we take care of trash cans, the basics, you are responsible for any decor removal (flower petals, confetti, etc.)

What kind of clean up am I responsible for?

No. Our pricing is already as low as it can be, if we make it any less it becomes not sustainable for the space.

If I book multiple dates at once, can I get a discount?