Hi everyone. As many of you know Vox Pop was started without any outside investment, loans, or anything else. We are two people who put together the last of what we had to open this place up, with a lot of our friends muscle. We were able to get it going enough to make it functional, but we want to see Vox Pop be a little more whole. We are looking at at least $2,000 in support as we are still both finding our footing and needing to make a few updates. We didn't really know what to expect when we opened this space, but in such a small period of time we've already grown so attached and fallen so in love with what it gives us, which is community. We've exhausted our personal resources and are now reaching out to the community for support. We are not profitable, and more often than not use our own money to take care of things. So any amount helps, we know everyone has their own stuff going on so we just want you to know how much we appreciate it, love you all!

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